"Captain" Morgan

A lumbering half-ogre, good natured, but not quite right in the head.

Str 24 55 HP 86 £
Dex 14 67 £
Con 19 02 AC 8 £
Int 08 73 melee 00 £
Wis 09 72 £
Cha 08 81 £
Com 05 01 £
Hon 44 Fame 10.8 £

Was found orphaned by a group of sailors who were trading cloth and spices. the captain a wealthy merchant (who owned a fleet of 6 ships) took Morgan to be an adopted son. After realizing that Morgan did not have the keen intellect necessary to be a merchant so he was sent to a military school where aside from his size and strength and despite a less than keen intellect was a natural for skirmish fighting. After his military training he returned to his father to Captain a Skiff with a crew of Marines to protect his fathers trading fleet. He successfully protected his fathers fleet for 3 years. until one day a great dragon destroyed the fleet at sea and only a few survived and made it to shore (including Morgan). What little comeliness he had was burned from him. Revenge was what he wanted but he knew nothing of the dragon, the attack was quick and final. The only family he knew was dead except for a hand full of sailors. Morgan dreams of revenge but is not driven by it, rather he is driven by the urge to acquire some degree of wealth and start a family(though his looks have always prevented him from being considered by the opposite sex) Because this is what his father would have wanted.

“Do what your good at” is what an angry shop owner told Morgan when he tried applying for a job selling apples… then she pointed him two doors down, to the Brothers Bale and Grim. A mercenary group of questionable reputation. The heads of this group are named…. Bale and Grim. (and no they are not brothers.) they are two humans, who are not quite human, but what they actually are is unclear to Morgan, and indeed most who meet them. any who
Morgan quested for Bale and Grim’s company for only a short time. The group of 50 was west, When an argument, Bale vs. Grim, over money… most likely. (Morgan does not know) Morgan refused to take a side and left. Now stuck West with no horse…. (he had no money so he ate it)

it was shortly after that Morgan ran into Quince and company (i don’t remember who else was there) they were in need of a sword and Morgan had two to lend. That is where the real story begins.

"Captain" Morgan

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